NPS Emergency Response Roster
for All-hazard Incidents

In the aftermath of a severe natural disaster or other major emergency at a national park, the National Park Service (NPS) often calls upon university experts to provide specialized skills that NPS lacks in type or quantity. A resource list of skills and expertise of PSAC-CESU university partners is used to help expedite this process and facilitate quick deployment of university experts into an impacted location. This resource list is called the "emergency response roster".

The purpose of this webpage is to provide information regarding:

1) The intent and purpose of the emergency response roster 2) University administrative approval and responsibilities 3) The qualifications and process for a university expert to enroll on the roster 4) NPS Point of Contact and Support Documents

The National Park Service Point of Contact for the emergency response roster is:
Ray Albright
National Park Service CESU Coordinator
Southern Appalachian Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit
Piedmont - South Atlantic Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit
272 Ellington PS Bldg., University of Tennessee, Knoxville TN 37996
Ph: 865/974-8443  Cell: 865/604-9357 Fax: 865/974-4714
Other supportive documents are:

Open Letter to PSAC CESU Member Universities

NPS Emergency Response Guidance, Director's Order #55, and Reference Manual #55, Incident Management Program

Standard Operating Procedures for National Response Plan Activations, Emergency Support Function #11: Natural and Cultural Resources and Historic Properties Protection

National Response Plan

Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook